FEILER-Chenille – a unique kind of fabric

The velvet-like and soft chenille fabrics are made of woven caterpillar yarn, which consists of pure cotton. A specialty of FEILER since its foundation are multicoloured, patterned chenille fabrics and decorative borders for terry cloth products.
Characteristics: compared to terry velours there is no rear side, i.e. the velvety surface as well as the extraordinary designs and colour effects are identical
on both sides. Genuine woven chenille possesses a highly resistant web and a soft touch. The individual "caterpillars" clearly show the composition of the
pattern. A sectional view of the production of chenille shows that it is rather an elaborate process.

Common Chenille

By the way, there are also simpler and less expensive ways of producing a chenille yarn. In that case, the caterpillar is not being created by a weaving process but by twisting or flock coating. However, a patterned
chenille cannot be produced.
Characteristics: fluffy but low durability. The pile is easily extractable. It is mainly used for decorative fabrics, fashion accessories (f.ex. scarfs) and trimmings, often made of synthetic fibres.