Important purchase and care instructions:

Make sure you buy a bathrobe in the next size up
Our 100 % cotton chenille yarn has a looser texture before it is washed for the first time. After its first wash, it shrinks slightly so that the bathrobe is about 12% smaller. As a guide to finding the right size, make sure that a bathrobe with long sleeves covers half of your hand when you try it on. After it is washed for the first time, it will fit perfectly.

Wash the bathrobe before you wear it for the first time
You should wash the bathrobe at 60°C before you wear it for the first time. This will remove any residual dye from the fabric and fix the colours. Please make sure that you do not wash the bathrobe with any other items of clothing with zips or hooks because they may damage the bathrobe. Select a standard wash cycle with spin – you do not need to use a special delicates cycle for easy-care items.

Use detergent that does not contain brighteners
To avoid the colour of your bathrobe from fading or bleeding, please make sure you use a washing detergent that does not contain brighteners.

Softeners reduce the absorbency of the fabric
While fabric softeners will leave your bathrobe fluffy, they also significantly reduce the absorbency of the fabric. To achieve perfect fluffiness, it is best to dry the bathrobe in a tumble dryer on a delicates cycle.

Use the tumble dryer after washing
In order to maintain the fluffiness, comfort and shape of your bathrobe, it should be dried in the tumble dryer. Then – if necessary – you can pull it into shape by hand and store it on a hanger. Of course the bathrobe can be air-dryed as well, laid out flat to avoid deforming.